If you want further information about the club, then why not come up and see us in person, or you can contact our committee members below...

Our Acting Secretary is Steve and can be contacted on 07947 100756
or email him on luxulyansmbc@gmail.com

Our Chairman is Mark and can be contacted on 07779 473544,
or email him on cornishcockneyrsab@hotmail.com

One of our committee members is also contactable, Liz, you can reach her on 01726 850796.

For information on short mat bowls, you can go to the
       English Short Mat Bowls Association website
                 by clicking on the image below...

esmba logo.png

For information on short mat bowls within Cornwall, you can go to the
            Cornwall County Short Mat Bowls Association website
                            by clicking on the image below...

ccsmba logo.png