The Roy Denslow Charity Shield

As you all might have known our club recently lost not just our President, but one of our co-founders of our club, Roy Denslow. With this in mind and knowing how Roy would love to see our game get back to how it should be, Luxulyan SMBC are proud to announce our new tournament in memory of Roy. A great gentleman who loved our sport and was always around to represent our club at many events within the county, as well as welcome guests and players alike to our club. So we would like to honour him in the best way we can, by starting a new annual charity tournament. Just like our charity competitions of a few years ago, and hopefully as much fun as they used to be. The charity this year which will benefit from 50% of the profits on the day, will be the RNLI, one of Roy's charities and a most worthy cause too. There will be refreshments on the day with a raffle too. If you wish to donate to the raffle, please bring something, it will be very welcome. The winners will take home the new shield and commerative trophies, and the runners up get commemorative trophies too. For more information you can print off the forms by clicking on pdf icon to the left, or see our social media for details. You can also contact one of our committee members for details, or if you need a set sent to you. Help us to remember Roy in the way he would have loved.

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Due to the Covid regulations being relaxed by the Government, the ESMBA released new guidelines for us to take into consideration for our club, members and guests. To see these got to our Covid page or you can read these on our home page at present.


Finally the AGM was able to be undertaken on Wednesday 23rd June, 2021. It was very well attended, and business was able to be amended, completed and changed to help the club to continue for future generations. A summery of the AGM will be available soon.

Many thanks for your patience,
Luxulyan SMBC Committee.

Updated: Thursday 23rd September, 2021